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I couldn’t believe what I’d just heard, it literally scared me with how bad my body was…

I was on the phone with my friend Crystal when her friend Karen that I met at a gathering last weekend started calling her.

Just for fun my friend Crystal said, “Hey I’m going to put Karen on a 3 way and see what she thought about meeting you last weekend, don’t say anything, let’s just see what she says about you”.

I thought it was a fun idea and agreed. So she put the call on 3 way and I didn’t say a word. Karen and Crystal were talking, all the while I was in the background, and finally after about 30 seconds came the question…

“hey, what’d you think of Rebecca from the get together last week.”

Karen said, “Oh, she seemed very nice, but I feel bad for her…”

What happened next made me gasp…

Crystal asked, “Why?”

Which was exactly what I wanted to know…

Karen said, “Because I know she had her eye on Jason, I saw them talking a lot on the balcony.”

“But I talked to Jason the next day and he told me he liked her, she was nice, but he wouldn’t ever date her because she’s fat.”

I went from confident to… well now I was scared…

That’s when my heart dropped into my stomach and reality sunk in. I immediately hung up because I didn’t want to hear anymore. I felt so embarrassed.

It dawned on me that I was wearing a skirt the night of the gathering, and at that moment I looked down at my chubby legs and my emotions hit me like a tidal wave. My body began to scare me…

I held back my tears and decided to get ready for bed. Crystal tried calling me back a few times that night, but I didn’t answer. I was too embarrassed.

I just wanted to sleep and forget about this. What happened next changed my entire life…

I woke up the next day and started getting ready for work. As soon as I got to the bathroom and looked in the mirror, I was startled.

I saw a completely different me. The fat me. My double chin, my flabby skin behind my arms, my plump cheeks, all became so much more visible to be now.

All I could see now was the fat. Not the makeup, not the wardrobe, not my personality, not me.

Just fat. All the emotions from last night and this moment hit me at once, and I couldn’t contain myself.

I fell to the bathroom floor and started crying. I was afraid to even look at myself in the mirror…

It was a Friday, so I called off work to get a long weekend to clear my head. As hard as I tried, I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

So I got on my computer to do some research. I knew I couldn’t go the diet pill route again because in the past that only gave me temporary results.

  I wanted something that could change my life. After watching tons of YouTube videos on fat loss programs that seemed very shady, I stumbled across a suggested video on the right hand side called The 3 week Diet. Wait to hear how this changed my entire life…

I started watching, but was skeptical.

But I kept watching because by that time I was so tired of searching anymore.

With my confidence so down, my heart so hurt, and me wanting to change my life so badly, I put my skepticism aside and decided to give the 3 week diet a shot. If you read what comes next, you’ll be shocked yourself…

After purchasing I decided not to check my weight every day, but on the 4th day I couldn’t wait anymore.

I stepped on the scale and I had lost 8 pounds. I immediately teared up just looking down on that scale. I felt so alive.

By the end of the 2nd week, I had lost an additional 6 pounds, and at the end of my 3rd week I had lost 5 pounds.

A total of 19 pounds in just 3 weeks. I was not expecting results this big. I couldn’t believe it actually worked.

Finally, a program that actually helped me instead of just taking my money and leaving me to the side.

The whole reason I wrote this is because I’ve been to the bottom, I know how it feels, and maybe you can relate too.

Being called fat or looking in the mirror and not seeing someone you feel comfortable with can be damaging in so many ways. Taking that leap of faith, changed my life, and it can for you too.

I’m not sure if the program is still available or open, but here’s the website I got it from.

I can only hope that this changes your life for the better. I know it changed mine.

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