She Lost An Arm, But This Weightlifter Continues To Dominate – My Fitness Closet! Top Quality Apparel!

#1 Krystal Cantu has been a weightlifting enthusiast for a while now

However, a car crash in 2013 left her right arm trapped under the car and essentially crushed.

#2 The only solution that doctors could find to save Krystal was to amputate her arm

And, although internally devastated, she did her best to put on a smile in the hospital.

#3 After only three days out of the hospital, Krystal was determined to return to the gym

And, as you can clearly see, she was back in black, AC/DC style.

#4 Utilizing friends and Crossfit trainers, Krystal was working out as hard as ever

Which should be a kick in the butt to all of us who complain about the smallest of things.

#5 She can deadlift 215 pounds, one-armed

This shows a TON about Krystal’s resilience and determination.

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