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Running Doesn’t Make You Sexy: Here’s What Does

Running Doesn’t Make You Sexy: Here’s What Does

If you want to get cut, or get toned, you automatically think about adding some element of running into your workout. Why? Because running helps you to burn excess calories and lose weight.

That’s why all the treadmills and elliptical machines are packed when you go to the gym. Duh.

Running Doesn’t Make You Sexy: Here’s What Does

It’s well documented in the media, cardio helps you to lose weight and make you sexy. It’s the only way. So in order to get cardio into our workout we resort to marathons, long distance running, and hours upon hours on a treadmill. All in the name of losing weight, getting lean, and looking sexy. Honestly, it’s led to so much confusion and ridiculous gym protocols that it’s being put to a rest . . . like now.

Before you read any further you should know – this shit is confusing. It’s taken me close to 10 years to figure out what the hell works and what doesn’t. But I got you covered, and we’re going to discuss how you can skip all that frustration, get right to work, and get awesome results. Don’t tell me that doesn’t sound good.

If you’re big into running – that’s cool. I’m not advocating that it should be cast out from your workout routines. Or that you shouldn’t do it at all. Especially if you find it fun. But when trying to achieve the goals of getting a sexy body WHILE being a busy professional – cut it out of your routine. Yea, I just dropped that on you. Don’t make that face.

There are countless studies which can point to the benefits of cardio training. The reality is that cardio is good for you! When achieving both weight loss and fat loss, cardio is a go to. It just depends what kind of cardio you are doing.

I know you’re probably reading this ish on Facebook, at work, killing some time before you have to catch up on emails. I mean, I’m writing this at work . . . just kidding. Anyway, let’s make this quick and understand finally why running doesn’t make you sexy and then you can catch up on those emails.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The Different Types of Cardio
  • The Difference between Losing Fat and Losing Weight
  • Do These Things to Start Improving Your Physique Today

The Different Types of Cardio

There are really three different types of cardio that we’re going to talk about. Low intensity, moderate intensity, and high intensity.

What does that even meeaaannn? Chill, I got you.

Low Intensity Cardio is something you do everyday. It’s called “walking”.

High Intensity Cardio is stuff you see in the Olympics, or every Sunday when you watch Football. It’s basically sprinting or high bursts of energy in a short amount of time.

Moderate Intensity Cardio is what EVERYONE is obsessed about. I can’t tell you how many clients I’ve had who honestly believe that running for hours on end will help them achieve the goal of having a sexy body with a busy schedule.

The next time I hear some guy wanting to “cut” by setting aside 45 minutes to jog on the treadmill or some girl who just uses the elliptical for 2 hours a day to get “toned” – I’m going to end up taking a shotgun and blowing my brains out. If you want to look sexy and get an efficient workout, you should stay away from moderate cardio like it’s the plague.

The reason everyone is so obsessed with moderate cardio is because they want to lose weight. I get that, but it’s a step in the wrong direction when trying to look sexy. Especially on a tight schedule. Let’s put it into this perspective.

You have two options:

1. Saving your money under your mattress, letting your savings grow as you work for it.
2. Putting your money into a savings account, which gives you interest and accumulates into more money without you lifting a finger.

I’d go with option 2, what about you?

See, losing weight is kind of like option 1, and it’s similar to what moderate cardio does for you. You have to keep doing it in order to keep up the gains you make.

Losing fat is like option 2. The more muscle you gain, the more efficient your workouts become and the sexier your body gets, allowing you to take some breaks and indulge the finer things in life.

The Difference between Losing Fat and Losing Weight

Losing weight is the mind frame you want to get out of to look sexy. Most runners look skinny and frankly, unhealthy. No one from either sex thinks that look is attractive.

Looking healthy and muscular is sexy. And by muscular I don’t mean Arnold. I mean functional and athletic looking. Getting that look is more of a transformation process as opposed to a loss process. In order to get there, you have to stop thinking about losing weight and start thinking about losing fat.

What’s the difference?

Losing weight is dropping pounds on the scale. It puts a smile on your face because it means that the workout routine and diet that you’re following are working. It’s the universal unit of measurement on your quest to look sexy. Awesome!

But really . . . it’s not. Losing weight means is that you’re losing BOTH fat and muscle mass. Losing weight is good, but not at the expense of muscle mass. Muscle mass is what gives you that sexy look..

Muscle Mass is more dense than fat. Which is why you look so lean when you have a lot of it. And it increases your metabolism, which means you don’t have to work for hours on end to get the look you want.That’s sexy.

How do you gain it? By lifting heavy, this goes for BOTH girls and guys. So get under a barbell and move some weight.

Losing fat means losing inches. It’s how you fit into your old clothes and how you look in the mirror. It’s eliminating fat and gaining muscle mass. And muscle mass is important. It’s more dense and takes up less space than fat, which is gives you that lean and sexy look. Despite the fact you might weigh the same or even a couple of pounds more. Looking lean is sexy.

Moderately intense cardio is taxing on your body. It eats away fat along with your muscle mass. High intensity cardio and low intensity cardio don’t eat away at your muscle mass, just fat.

The best way to achieve more muscle mass and lost fat is to combine heavy lifting and low intensity cardio OR moderate lifting and high intensity cardio, with a healthy diet of course.

What you can do today to start improving your physique

If you’re looking to get sexy start doing these two things:

Lift Heavy. Always with proper form though. But work on moving weight, it burns so many calories during and after your workout that it’s too good of a deal to pass up in order to achieve your goal of looking sexy.

Finally, throw away your scale. Now. Don’t think about it. Just do it.

Start worrying about how you’re looking in the mirror. How do your clothes fit? Grab a tape measure and write what your measurements down. And then check every 2 weeks to see if you’re losing inches.

In other words, worry about losing fat NOT weight.

Finally, eat lots of food. Lots of the right food. When it comes to the nutrition game, it’s really about quality not quantity. You’re not going to see that sexy body you’re working for without doing it right in the kitchen first. Eat clean and train dirty.

Now you know, running doesn’t make you sexy. Muscle mass and losing fat does. Tell everyone Mind Ya Fitness told you so. Now get back to work and get sexy 


What do you think?

Joe Miyaki

Written by Joe Miyaki

When I first began my adventure with fitness I was anything but the picture of health. I was very overweight and I realized it was because of eating fast food and drinking pop and beer on a regular basis. I decided to do something about it. I immersed myself in a new lifestyle and have never regretted it.

I did, however, have multiple ups and downs. It took me years to make a decision to thoroughly examine my workouts and make necessary changes.

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