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How to Live Lean and Eat Green

How to Live Lean and Eat Green

Vegetables are like finances.

Really, they are.

Don’t believe me?

Well, for starters both vegetables and money are green. At least they are most of the time. We don’t openly talk about our finances and we all think we know what we’re doing. But we don’t.The same goes for vegetables. We know we should be more proactive with our finances. But we’re not. The same goes for vegetables.

Even more ironic is that vegetables and finances both have strikingly similar benefits to everyone. Eating green does for your health what saving green does for your bank account: gets stronger over time.

Just like finances however, vegetables are complicated and annoying. When talking about eating green we always revert to worrying about it tomorrow. We shouldn’t though. Here are some reasons some reasons why you should be eating green today.

Why you should be eating green now:

Remember how we talked about eating a lot of nutrient dense food instead of calorically   dense food? Vegetables do just the trick.

  • Nutrient Dense – Vegetables contain a variety of essential vitamins and minerals that you can’t find anywhere else (including vitamin supplements).  They also contain high amounts of fiber, water, and antioxidants.
  • Energy Dense – Need a pick me up when you get that 2 o’clock feeling? Vegetables are low in calories, fat, sugar, and even cholesterol. So go ahead and indulge. Because of the high concentration of fiber, your appetite will be pinned into submission. At least until dinner.
  • Antioxidants – These disease fighting compounds prevent cell damage and turn your immune system into a bad ass. Antioxidants also contain properties that have been known to prevent cancer, diabetes, and a variety of other preventable diseases.
How to Live Lean and Eat Green

Vegetables are not the only food necessary in order to have a well balanced diet, but they sure do help A LOT. But that’s not the real problem is it? I can give you thousands of articles, examples, and real life testimonials on why you should start eating green TODAY. But you won’t do it.

Going to the grocery store is a task in and of itself. Picking out what veggies you want along with evaluating a variety of nutrition labels is mentally burdening. We all know that we don’t have room to put in expiration dates of our fresh veggies in our Google Calendar, it’s already filled with client appointments. And eating healthy is so damn expensive!

Why you’re not eating green today: 

  • What to purchase – Canned, frozen, or fresh veggies – oh my! There are a slew of vegetables that you can choose from at your local grocery store. The choices are cumbersome enough for you to revisit tomorrow.
  • Budgeting – Why is healthy food so expensive? Organic or not?  And being aware that your fresh veggies will go bad. Sooner than later.
  • Eating conveniently – Busy schedule? What do I grab or what can I cook or put together to get my recommended servings quickly when I’m in a rush?

These are common issues you might have when you’re trying to eat healthier and get a healthy serving of green in your life. These concerns would make anyone not want to deal with eating green at all. It’s confusing. It even got me when I first started.

But I got you covered. Over the next couple of weeks we’re going to take a deep dive and understand what vegetables are going to get you the biggest bang for your health and where to find them in the grocery store. We’ll also cover how to buy cheap organic fresh vegetables and eat them before they expire. Finally, we’ll also go over the best ways to get those greens in when you’ve got a schedule that looks like a hot mess.

During the course of the next couple of weeks we’ll also be providing you with cool veggie shake recipes that you can use yourself. Just check for the hashtags #myfhowto and #eatgreen.

Next week we’ll go over how to navigate the grocery store and what veggies will get you the biggest bang for your health. See you then!

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Joe Miyaki

Written by Joe Miyaki

When I first began my adventure with fitness I was anything but the picture of health. I was very overweight and I realized it was because of eating fast food and drinking pop and beer on a regular basis. I decided to do something about it. I immersed myself in a new lifestyle and have never regretted it.

I did, however, have multiple ups and downs. It took me years to make a decision to thoroughly examine my workouts and make necessary changes.

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