Friday favorites and why I’m tracking macros again

I’m back at it with the Friday 5! In this podcast episode, I share some of my favorites as well as some life updates, including why I’m tracking macros again. I’ve always loved macros, but I let them go by the wayside in the past couple of years, mostly due to my healthy issues (ulcerative colitis) and not caring much about my body composition goals. But… that’s the thing about life… goals and priorities change, and I’m excited about this next phase of nutrition and fitness!

In this episode…


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2. Fuzzy fleece pullover – OMG, this fleece is everything. It’s definitely something you don’t necessarily ‘need’ but YOU DO. It’s incredibly soft, so cozy, affordable, and absolutely a top that I will wear all winter long. This fleece comes in a bunch of different colors, so I know you’ll find one you love!

3. Lilli Q’s BBQ Sauce – I am OBSESSED with this ‘clean’ barbecue sauce. Obsessed. It truly completes a meal, and I add it to everythingggg!

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4. Get a FREE turkey with your first ButcherBox!

5. Why I’m tracking macros again

Get started with macros and weight loss with my Lean Macros Bundle!

Hormonal Health Meal Plan


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