EP56: How to ACTUALLY hit your protein goal

You are not alone if you’re tracking macros and wondering how to ACTUALLY hit your protein goal. It is not always easy, and I promise with the right tools, mindset, and a gamePLAN, you will be able to ACTUALLY hit your protein goal everyday. Read on for details!


How to ACTUALLY hit your protein goal

One of the most common questions that I get from nutrition clients is “how do I get more protein into my diet?” Consuming enough protein is so important – it keeps you satisfied, your blood sugar more steady, cravings at bay, and helps you better recover from your workouts. Clients are often looking for tips on how to include more protein in their meals and snacks, so I discuss exactly what I do and share my formula for hitting my protein each and everyday.

For YOU, I created a special resource to help you easily plan your protein intake in order to hit your goal. This free resource includes a protein-focused grocery planner, macro cheat sheet, protein recommendations, meal targets, and more!

Are you ready to How to ACTUALLY hit your protein goal?

Grab the protein planner toolkit via THIS LINK

If you want some protein-packed, macro-friendly recipes, check out my book, The Everything Macro Diet Cookbook. It includes 300 recipes for every meal and sample meal plans to make shopping and meal prep easier than ever!

Just in case you need a few more tips for getting protein into your diet, check out this blog post: 8 Tips for Hitting Your Protein Goal.


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