Eat the banana

eat banana

Eat the banana.⁠⁠ 🍌

Hell, eat two bananas.⁠⁠ 🍌 🍌

It’s absolutely ridiculous when I hear people say there’s ‘too much sugar’ in bananas.⁠⁠

If anything is keeping you from your goals, trust me, it’s NOT the banana.⁠⁠

Bananas and pretty much ALL fresh fruits have vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and fiber that, when it comes to the health benefits, truly outweigh the ‘sugar’ and ‘carbs’ that come along with them.⁠⁠

If you’re failing to reach your goals, look at all the other foods you’re eating.⁠⁠

▪ The Starbucks vanilla sweet cream cold brew⁠⁠

▪ The over-processed plant-based ‘meats’⁠⁠

▪ The almost-nightly glass of wine⁠⁠

▪ The protein bar/cookie/cereal packaged thing

▪ The chicken nuggets and handful of fries you swipe from your kid’s plate⁠⁠

These are the things that are keeping you from your goals.⁠⁠

Not that banana.⁠⁠

Eat the banana.⁠⁠

Hell, eat two of them and have a whole apple later too!⁠⁠ 🍎

You need fruits in your diet, especially if you workout, every single day.⁠⁠

What’s your relationship with fruit? ⁠⁠

What are some of the foods you often avoid and why?⁠⁠

What do you think?

Joe Miyaki

Written by Joe Miyaki

When I first began my adventure with fitness I was anything but the picture of health. I was very overweight and I realized it was because of eating fast food and drinking pop and beer on a regular basis. I decided to do something about it. I immersed myself in a new lifestyle and have never regretted it.

I did, however, have multiple ups and downs. It took me years to make a decision to thoroughly examine my workouts and make necessary changes.

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