Eat Lots of Food

Eat Lots of Food

FOOD. It’s good.

And it’s necessary . . . unless you are trying to lose weight the old fashioned way . . .  (just kidding).

There is so much mystery surrounding the what, when, and how much of eating.

“Don’t eat carbs cause they’ll make you fat”.

“Oh and fat, that OBVIOUSLY will make you fat”.

“And Protein? Well too much and that will make you fat but for the most part you should eat a lot.”

Then you’re kind of stuck wondering well, then what do I eat? You don’t have time to cook and you’re always looking for a quick bite, because you’ve got a bunch of stuff to do.

For those stuck on time and looking to eat healthier and get leaner, we’ll break it down simply. Who wants all the complicated stuff anyways? First let’s go over basics.

There are macro nutrients and micro nutrients. Micro nutrients I’ll go over in another article. For the most part, what you need to know is this:

There are 3 macro nutrients:

  1. Carbohydrates – These bad boys are not bad for you after all. They provide you with energy, to actually get through your busy day. They normally come in the form of sugar, starch, or fiber. You can find it in veggies, fruits, and grains.
  2. Lipids (Fat) –These guys get a real bad rap, however the truth is lipids are necessary for protecting your body from injuries and helps to create hormones in your body. Most importantly, they are great for making you feel FULL when you eat. To feel full, check out nuts, avocados, and fish oils.
  3. Proteins – The wonder nutrient that everybody talks about. Protein makes you lean, helps build muscle, repair, and maintain your body. Though protein gets a lot of hype, it shouldn’t be the end all be all of your diet. But it definitely should be a staple in your diet and you can find it in chicken, eggs, fish, and grains like quinoa.

How much?

Now that you understand that carbs aren’t all that bad and lipids won’t necessarily make you fat. You’re probably wondering how much do I eat? Sitting in the office all day might mean that I shouldn’t eat as much right? Well, if you’re exercising, it’s cool to eat whatever you want. Here are some tips to go by to make your life simpler:

  1. Eat FRESH food – Biggest problem with our diets today isn’t carbs, or fat, or all the protein. It’s PROCESSED food. Yea, those weight watchers cakes and steaks aren’t watching your weight. Sorry. And the protein bar after your workout is filled with a TON of preservatives and sugar. Eat FRESH and you’ll feel better, feel more satiated, and energetic. Most importantly you’ll be giving your body the nutrients it needs to keep itself in check.
  2. Eat NUTRIENT DENSE food – nobody likes counting calories, it’s kind of annoying.  Stick with fruits, veggies, fish, nuts, brown rice, sweet potatoes, and chicken (just rattling off a few) and you won’t feel guilty about eating something bad and then run an hour on the treadmill.
  3. DRINK WATER – lots of it. No exaggeration. 8 glasses of the water should be the minimum, but go for like 10 or 11. You’ll feel energetic in the morning, through the day, and you’ll look great.

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To read some more about this approach to food, check out the article below by Nate Miyaki:

Should you reuse old macro numbers?

So when you’re in the office, busy, and you’re hungry – then EAT. You don’t need to starve yourself; as long as your intake is nutrient dense you’ll be fine. When you follow these simple steps you’ll feel fuller, feel better, and also look better.

Sounds like the best of all worlds’ right? That’s because it is. Now go eat some food!

What do you think?

Cara Windham

Written by Cara Windham

Yes, it takes motivation, determination, and consistency to succeed. Although it may not always be easy and you may face a few hurdles, you can be sure that you will eventually look at your body in a whole new light. You’ll not only look good but also feel better, happier, and more confident. All you have to do is take that first step on the journey to your new life.

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