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5 Simple and Effective Gym Exercises for the Modern Professional: The Pull-Up

5 Simple and Effective Gym Exercises for the Modern Professional: The Pull-Up

Wow, we’ve moved through some pretty demanding lifts the past couple of weeks.

And quite honestly – think we’re going to scale it back. Just a bit.

But only enough so that you can still:

  • Spend less time in the Gym
  • Look Sexy as Hell
  • Get you Functionally Fit

The Kettlebell Swing and the Squat are tough and demanding exercises. They’re tough, and props if you’ve been on those workout challenges and doing work.

This week we’re going over a simple and effective exercise that is a staple to your body, you can do in a gym, and even in the comfort of your own home.

The Pull-Up

5 Simple and Effective Gym Exercises for the Modern Professional: The Pull-Up

Surprisingly, a lot of people cannot do a pull up. Rightfully so – it’s hard. To add to that, it’s widely ignored because it doesn’t get you those “beach muscles”. Girls focus on their triceps, guys focus on their pecs.

You can sculpt a pretty impressive upper body, arms, and even “beach muscles” through some good old fashioned body weight work. Also known as grabbing a bar and pulling yourself the fuck up.

This is what we’re getting into today:

  • Why Pull-Ups are Effective
  • How to do a Pull-Up
  • Pull-Up Work Out Challenge

Why Pull-Ups are Effective

Pull-ups are effective because they’re the only bodyweight exercise that is impressive on its own. Great, you can do bodyweight squats. Awesome, you can do a bunch of pushups. But you know someone is strong and fit when they can bang out reps of pull-ups.

It’s also hard work. Much like the squat and kettlebell swing, it takes a lot of effort to pull your entire body up and get your chin over the bar. Aside from hard work and an impressing people with your physical acumen – here are some other benefits that you’ll take a liking to.

Works out your:

  • Back – Guys, V taper, Duh? Ladies a back that tells guys, “I’m in shape”.
  • Shoulders
  • Biceps
  • Triceps
  • Core

Oh, and if that wasn’t enough  . . . you can do them at home. You do need to purchase some equipment, but it’s only $25. That’s not an affiliate links by the way. Just something that you can latch onto your door and get a workout going.

How to do a Pull-Up

When you’re at the gym, all you need to do is find a bar. They’re typically between a bunch of universal machines, or right by the squat rack. Don’t even think about using machines.

1. Grab a horizontal bar with an overhand grip and maintain a dead hang position. It’s important to note my grip on the bar, I go for wide grip however as long as your hands are shoulder width apart that’s fine.

2. Pull your body up until your chin is over the bar.

3. Come back down and repeat.

Pretty simple right?

For some yes, for some no. You might have a hard time. And if you do that’s cool. Got you covered.

If you do, here are some tips:

Use a band.

The thicker the band the more less body weight you’ll be pulling up. It’s okay to start off with something thick but remember  – the end goal is being able to actually do a pull up.

Do negatives

Another quick and easy way to get strong enough to do pull ups is by jumping on the bar into the position where your chin is over the bar and holding for as long as you can. Gravity will take its effect and your muscles will be working hard to hold you up. Trust me.

Ring Rows

If you have access to rings at your gym, it’s an easy way to strengthen up your lats to get you to where you can actually execute a pullup. You can also use a Smith Machine to imitate a row.

All you need to do is get your entire body at a 45 degree angle to the floor. Your heels should be the only thing touching the ground while you are leaning back holding onto the rings. here, just pull up until your chest is through the rings.

Assisted machines?

Personally not a big fan of using any type of machines. There are exceptions of course, like if you are injured and it’s necessary. But overall, the body responds best to natural elements – so unless you’re required to, keep it old school.

If it’s easy

Add weight. Duh. Use a belt so that you can attach some plates using a belt like the one below. Or wrap a dumbbell between your legs.

And now on to this week’s challenge.

Pull Up Work Out Challenge

It’s understandable that a lot of people might be at different levels with the pull up. It’s cool. So this week. So I broke it down by where you’re at.

Check it out:

If you can’t do one pull-up – get one
If you can get one pull-up – get ten
If you can do 10 pull-ups – add some weight.

Post your pull-ups on Instagram and tag #Myfpullupchallenge.

There you have it. You, getting sexy as hell while pulling that bod up.

Get after it.

Thanks again for reading,

did you miss our previous challenge…

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What do you think?

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