5 Simple and Effective Gym Exercises for the Modern Professional: The Press

5 Simple and Effective Gym Exercises for the Modern Professional: The Press

This is it guys.

The last simple and effective exercise that you, the modern professional, can do in the gym to get you to

  • Spend less time in the Gym
  • Look Sexy as Hell
  • Get you Functionally Fit

We’ve covered some serious lifts over the past month like the squat, kettlebell swing, the pull-up, and the deadlift. Today we’re going to go over an exercise that’s one of the most effective upper body exercises there is.

And you’re probably like, the bench press, duh.

Dudes want jacked pecs.

Chicks want perky boobs.

But the bench press is overrated.

A real man lifts the bar over his head, not his chest.

And ladies, good posture helps make those boobs perky.

Want to know how to do that?


Lifting the bar. Over your head.

. . . On a side note, I’m a nerd. I had to do some quick fact checking on what exercises to do to actually get perky boobs. Not that I wanted them myself, obvi, but just in case a female client asked. My assumption was that shoulder press, flies, and pushups would do the trick. I ended up on cosmo, SMH. Whatever, I was right. Ladies, here are some ways to keep those boobs perky.

So today we’re going over the press.

It’s old-school and extremely functional.

The most necessary movement both from an evolutionary and day-to-day perspective is being able to lift something above your head.

Not only is it more challenging than the bench press, it relates to it too. Strong and toned shoulders equal strong and toned chest. The opposite is not true.

Let’s get into it.

Today’s article is going to cover: 

  • The benefits of the press
  • How to do a press
  • The Press workout challenge 

The Benefits of The Press

The Benefits of The Press

The press translates to all types of strength. It translates into your chest and also into your back. Guys, you’ll still have a relatively strong bench press if you have strong press.Ladies, you’ll build those nice toned arms and a killer physique if you get a barbell over your head.

And in an exercise like the press, you’re still using your hips. Which is why I love it. Because it means it’s engaging your whole body and not isolating just one part. Those are my fave. They should be your fave too. The benefits of the press are simply the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to cashing in on a nice upper body. Especially for someone who sits at a desk all day.

The press works out your: 

  • Shoulders, duh
  • Upper chest
  • Lats 
  • Hips 
  • Core
  • Triceps

It also . . .    

  • Improves Posture
  • Increases Stability and Balance

How could you not want to do an exercise like that?

Dumb question.

Let’s get into how to get that barbell over your head.

How to do a Shoulder Press

First off, find a rack where you can do a standing overhead press. The height of the bar should be right at your collarbone.

When you approach the bar, your hands should be right next to your shoulders.

There’s normally a knurl, or checkered spot on the bar you can see in the pic below- index fingers should be about a half inch outside of that.

Grip the bar, make sure that your knuckles are up, and that your forearms are sitting vertical.

The bar should be resting on the meat of your shoulders, as seen above. Your feet should be positioned about hip width apart, like the squat. Don’t spend too much time worrying about the exact details, you’ll be able to find a foot position that’s comfortable.

Now make sure to keep a big chest to produce tightness in your back and engage your kinetic chain. Make sure to look at a point straight ahead through the duration of the movement. You can do this by taking a deep breathe.

Drive the bar up.

When you’re driving the bar up over your head, you should thrust your hips forward to generate power from your feet all the way through to the bar. The hip thrust is subtle with lighter weight and gradually becomes more obvious as the weight gets heavier.

As the bar is coming up, keep it as close to the nose as possible.

Sounds weird but one thing that I’ve learned about lifting heavy is that you want to be efficient. The closer the bar is to your nose, the straight the bar will be going up. More weight for you to lift, less work for you to do, efficient results for your body.

Once the bar is at your forehead, quickly get under the bar and lock your arms out. Push your head through.

The reason you push your head through is to engage all muscles in the press and ensure that the bar and weight are moving efficiently. I teach people this by telling them to imagine a window that they have to push their nose through.

Slam yourself back under the bar.

Then, you’re done. You can either rip out another rep, or put the bar back on the rack.

Boom. That’s how it’s done.

Does it have to be heavy weight all the time?

I’d recommend you lift hard, however you can still get a cool workout that will get your posture, shoulders, and even chest looking upright and proper.

Check it out.

The Press Workout Challenge

The Press Workout Challenge
  • Press x 10
  • Burpees x 10
  • 3 Rounds

Had to throw a little conditioning in there for ya.

So there you have it. That’s 5 simple and effective exercises that you, the modern professional, can get ater in the gym anytime you want.

If you want some more workout ideas, get at Over the next few weeks, I’m going to be going over cooler exercises that you can do that the gym, and even at home if you’re crunched for time.

Have a great weekend and thanks again for reading!

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