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The Medical & Health Webring - Extensive network of medical and health websites. Medical and fitness information for doctors and patients. Keep fit and

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The Medical & Health Webring

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Extensive network of medical and health websites. Medical and fitness information for doctors and patients. Keep fit and stay active! Don't smoke and don't over drink.

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   Dance, Fitness & Health Preview Go
An archive of articles, facts and musings about dance, fitness, dieting, anorexia, obesity, breastfeeding, menstruation, health issues, AIDS & HIV.
   Bony Models Banned in Madrid Preview Go
Spanish fashion show rejects too-skinny models. It was the first time skinny models have been snubbed at a major international fashion show.
   The MacNevin Diet Preview Go
An one year, pre-planned diet using only raw food, juices, vitamins and three basic exercises. Created by Suzanne MacNevin, Bio-Chemist.

   Harper Promises To Privatize Canadian Healthcare Preview Go
Read about Harper's plan to privatize Canadian Healthcare and why Belinda Stronach decided to ditch the Conservative Party and join the Liberals.
   Upper Limb Prosthetics Information Preview Go
A non-commercial informational website with information about upper limb prostheses, including types, designs, components, and the fitting process. a listing of leaders in the field of upper limb prosthetics, questions to ask your prosthetist, resources links, how-to videos, and more. Designed for helping patients navigate the prosthetic industry.
   Long Term Viagra Use Eventually Destroys Sex Drive Preview 1 review(s) — Go
NEW YORK TIMES - According to a new study published in the United States and Britain, long term use of the drug Viagra eventually DESTROYS a male's sex drive.
   The Female Image Ideal: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Preview Go
Picture the ideal female figure: Curvy or thin? Physically fit or waif-like? Twiggy, Jennifer Aniston or Marilyn Monroe? The answers depends on what decade you're living in.
   Vegan Recipes and Vegetarian Lifestyle Preview Go
beautiful vegan is a blog designed to be a catalyst for positive change by spreading health, joy and compassion through a plant-based lifestyle.
   Toronto Personal Trainer Preview Go
Meet Charles, a Personal Trainer in Toronto who specializes in training people in activities that are fun and exciting. If you live in downtown Toronto and you've been wanting to try archery, boxing, swimming, ice skating, snorkeling, rollerblading and more. Visit the Cardio Trek website to get free advice on cardio, sports and weightlifting too. Learn dieting tips, find the right balance of diet and exercise which is right for you. Post questions and comments on exercise posts, healthy recipes and more. Hire a personal trainer for archery lessons, boxing lessons, swimming lessons, ice skating lessons or general weight loss. Learn how to lose weight and have fun doing it. If you're going to get in shape / get the healthy body you've always, then why not do it in a way that is enjoyable?
   Sex Rights in Africa Preview Go
Abstinence DOES NOT WORK. AIDS/HIV is spreading across Africa like wildfire, and the PRIMARY reason is because the Catholic Church forbids the use of condoms. Condoms are the ONLY way to safely protect people from contracting AIDS (because many people don't know they even have it until its too late).

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