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Natural Health & Beauty - Natural Health & Natural Beauty. Women and men who look and feel healthy, natural and beautiful. No cosmetic surgery, no

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Natural Health & Beauty

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Manager: lilithezine
Natural Health & Natural Beauty. Women and men who look and feel healthy, natural and beautiful. No cosmetic surgery, no breast implants, no liposuction... Just pure natural exercise, the proper eating habits, chemical-free plants and medicines, natural unsprayed herbs, traditional home-made formulas for curing illnesses, information about Traditional Chinese medicines and cures, hermetic medicine and your Grandmother's cure for the common cold. Want to hear my cure for the common cold? Lemonade, and anything with salt/vinegar in it. The germs don't like acid or salt, so eat lots of salty or acidic things like oranges and lemons. Recipes for healthy cooking also wanted.

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