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Mind, Body & Spirit - A unique webring established to serve a diversified group of alternative health practitioners and holistic service provi

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Mind, Body & Spirit

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Manager: alicorna
A unique webring established to serve a diversified group of alternative health practitioners and holistic service providers and businesses.

Sites in this ring offer a tremendous variety of holistic products and services, including hypnosis, stress management, weight loss, help to stop smoking, past life regression, psychic development, shamanic drumming and journey work, healing sleep disturbances, spiritual cleansing, spiritual guidance, intuitive readings, Qi Gong, Reiki, meditation, spells and charms, life/personal coaching, and much more.



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   genessa -- smoking: information about quitting! Preview Go
Information about the harmful effects of smoking tobacco, and on how to quit, as well as related merchandise for sale.
   Reiki Energy Healing Preview Go
Introduction to energy healing with Reiki from a second degree Reiki healer. Online healing circles, Reiki infused jewelry, books about Reiki, healing music and links to receiving Reiki attunements through DVDs and videos.
   Bruce Reeves - Past Life Regressions Preview Go
Bruce Reeves is a past life regressionist in the McAllen, Texas, Rio Grande Valley area. Bruce has been doing past life regressions over 20 years and this page discusses some of his beliefs and theories about past life regression, including the ability to use past life regression therapy as a means of healing and raising your level of consciousness.

   Earth Moon and Fire Preview Go
A Site about Reiki and Self Enpowerment,using the universal energy sources to heal and move towards spiritual freedom
   Nice Rice Hot Cold Relief Packs Preview Go
Nice Rice! Hot/Cold Relief Packs bring all natural, long-lasting relief to sore, aching muscles and joints. Used in chiropractic, alternative, massage, physical therapy, and holistic medicine for arthritis and muscle pain. Also good for relief of sports injuries and menstrual cramps. Easy to use at home, office, or in commute.
   What is Astral Projection? Preview Go
A Christian perspective.
   Traditional Chinese Medicine Cold and Allergy Formulas Preview Go
Traditional Chinese Medicine Cold and Allery Formulas rely upon a strategy of offense. Dispel cold-pattern pathogens by resolving the exterior with warm, pungent substances. Dispel heat-pattern pathognes by resolving the exterior with cold, pungent substances.
   Selektiv mutisme Preview Go
This is a blog that hopefully help children dealing with selective mutism - a fear of public speaking.
   Ancient art of Firewalking at Firewalk-NC Preview Go
What you focus on, and what you believe about it, creates the world that you live in. If you focus on failure you reinforce failure. If you focus on success you become successful. Firewalking is used as a tool to help us see our self-created limitations. The message conveyed by Firewalking is that you can do anything you decide to do. Learn more at www.firewalk-nc%2
   Michigan Council of Covens & Solitaires Preview Go
A community group focused on uniting the Pagan community in Southeast Michigan.

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